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AGM Announcement

Hellingly Hounddogs AFC are pleased to announce the date of the club first AGM.
The date has been set as Monday the 16th of July at the clubhouse on Horsebridge Rec starting at 7PM.
agm 2018

All parents/guardians of players are invited to attend as the club looks to form a new Committee for the 2018/19 season.
The agenda has been sent out to all parents/guardians of the current players, with applicants information being released the week prior to the AGM.

Any person wishing to stand must email the club before the 9th of July with a brief description of why they feel they are the right person for the role including any previous history to support their statement.

Roles available and a job description can be found below. Please email application to hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com

Chairman job Description

vice chairman description.

treasurer role description.

secretary job description.

welfare officer description.

Commercial manager description.

generic committee member description.

U11’s Match report

Sunday the 10th of June saw the HoundDogs U11’s Flag team travel to East Kent Mavericks in the latest round of the 2018 SEYAF Tournaments.

Max Clement-Lewis running the ball at the Phoenix defence

First up was a game against Kent Phoenix. The young HoundDogs teams saw a massive improvement form the last tournament but still didn’t manage the win. The HoundDogs want down with a score of 12-0 to the Phoenix. Play of the game for the HoundDogs came from Charlie Fairway as he stopped a rampant run from a young Phoenix player who was about to score a TD had it been for a fantastic chase back from Charlie to make the tackle just yards from the EndZone.

Next up for the HoundDogs debut against the newly formed South Coast Spitfires. The Spitfires

Hayden Puttick powers down the sideline

took the lead against the HoundDogs but the HoundDogs came back as QB Ben Boorer connected with Hayden Puttick in the corner of the Endzone. The Hound Dogs then managed to get the ball back with another couple of fantastic stops


from Charlie Fairway and almost took the lead thanks to the running pace of Max Clement-Lewis. However they fell just short. The Spitfires then took the lead and what was the winning score as the whistle closed the game.



Coach Luke Boorer added “Today has seen the U11’s make massive strides forward. They are short on numbers as a side and the 4 players are playing against squads of 15. It’s sometimes hard at training with such a small squad to run every drill and practise session that we want. But these four players turn up almost every week and have started to really gel as a team. With this tournament all the players made some fantastic plays throughout the day from Max’s running to Hayden’s catching. The biggest improvement came from Charlie on defence. He has really started to grow into a play maker”.

Cannadines Man-of-the-Match goes

Charlie Fairway running the ball

to Charlie Fairway for fantastic plays on both Offence and Defence

Hellingly Host SEYAF

Sunday saw Hellingly HoundDogs host round 2 of the SEYAF Championships 2018.

This was the first outing for the HoundDogs U11’s team and they didn’t disappoint.  With a small squad compared to many of the other teams, the young HoundDogs team put up quite a fight. Their first match was against Kent Phoenix which saw them lose 24-18 with 2TD’s from Ben Boorer including a full length of the pitch run. The other TD came from a Max Lewis-Clement run for 40 yards to score his first ever TD. Their second game was a tighter affair against Kent Exiles which finished in a 6 all draw.

The Cannadines Man of the Match goes to Max Lewis-Clements for his all-round enthusiasm and excellent running of the ball in only his 2nd ever tournament.

The day also saw the HoundDogs under 17’s in action against Kent Phoenix. The teams have been playing friendlies in several different format this year, but this time was on an

Danny Townsend with the Field Goal

adult pitch with the use of the kicking game being introduced. The team got off to a fantastic start by driving the ball down field and almost got a TD in their first drive, but the ball was thrown just out of the fingers of Charlie Boorer. The team went for the field goal, which was converted by Danny Townsend, to put the HoundDogs 3-0 up. The Phoenix came back and used their size advantage to score several TD’s as the HoundDogs small squad rotated where they could. The half time hooter sounded with the HoundDogs trailing 20-3. After half time the HoundDogs looked more confident and started to get their offense moving down field, getting several 1st downs before stalling just before the EndZone. Again, Danny Townsend convert the field goal to put another 3 points onto the HoundDogs’ score. Back came Phoenix with another score and, as the HoundDogs chased the game, they started to take a few more chances. With a little more luck, they could have made some inroads, but Riley Davis was unable to hold onto a couple of finger tip catches from QB Jacob Boorer. The score line finished 43-6.

Stanley Wilson scoping up the fumble
Jacob Boorer with the attempted pass to Riley Davis

The Cannadines Man of the Match:

Offence – Euan Hammond. Played very well on the Oline which saw an improvement throughout the game.

Defence –Stanley Wilson. Got a fumble recovery for the HoundDogs early in the game.

Overall – Thomas Avann. Playing in his first ever game, Thomas was everywhere on the pitch and made several crunching challenges to stop Kent Phoenix in their tracks as well as playing a bit of Running Back and carried the ball extremely well.

Chairman Luke Boorer added “I’ts been a fantastic day for the club. Not only did we get our U 11’s team up and running for the season but our U17’s played well in tough conditions with a smaller than usual squad. I would like to thank all the parents for staying to watch all the games and for their encouragement from the side-lines. I would also like to thank the Committee and their hard work for organising the day. We held a raffle and BBQ which raised over £300 for the club, which will go back into improving training equipment and facilities for all our players. I would also like to thank Peter Drake, Richard Ashby, Michael Williams, Gavin Sutherland and Andy Rose for all their hard work on keeping people watered, feed and entertained with music etc”.

The HoundDogs are still on the lookout for more players to play across their teams, so if you are interested, please pop over to their website www.hellinglyhounddogs.com to find out more

*All photos courtesy of Richard Ashby*

U17’s at Kent Phoenix report

Sunday the 22nd saw the Hellingly HoundDogs travel to Maidstone as they took on teams from East Kent Mavericks and the host, Kent Phoenix.

The team played the first game against Kent Phoenix in a new format to the team, as they

Harrison Kane with the tackle

played 7 a side football for the first time. There was also a new pitch design for the team, as they played on a pitch less designed to look like Flag Football and more like the traditional game with the whole pitch marked in yards. The Phoenix proved too strong for the HoundDogs as they ran out 24-0 winners. Both Riley Davis and Charlie Boorer managed to make some yards for the Offence. There were also a couple of good plays on the defence from Joules Parsons and Stan Wilson as they looked to control a rampant Phoenix team.

Game two saw a more traditional 5v5 game against East Kent Mavericks. The young HoundDogs team struggled to swap between the two formats of the sport, as a very well drilled Mavericks team ran away with the game. The HoundDogs suffered as they tried to chase the game with deeper throws, which resulted in the Mavs running up a score. The HoundDogs did, however, get themselves on the scoreboard with Riley Davis connecting with a throw from Jacob Boorer from 2 yards out. The result would have been worse if it hadn’t been for a fantastic tackle from Ned Foster, who stopped a rampaging Mavs player just 3 yards short of the endzone.

The third game saw a return to 7 on 7 against the Phoenix. This time the

Joules Parsons and Stan Wilson with the tackle.

scores were slightly closer and the game more open. The HoundDogs managed to get their offence going with some good strong running from Roman Cameron-Dick and the Wide Receiver pairing of Charlie Boorer and Riley Davis. The O-line of Euan Hammond, Danny Townsend and Alex Edwards gave the QB Jacob Boorer more time to get set, which resulted in more yards made. Harrison Kane and Alex Mckay also started to come more into the game with some tackles aided by Clayton Jarvis on the line.

Coach Alastair Cameron-Dick added “After what has only been a handful of previous games the players stepped up and played with confidence and ability suggesting much greater experience. Again they faced opposing teams with far greater roster numbers and often greater size and met them toe to toe making every game competitive. This is a feat in itself. A number of players were seeing their first action and stepped up admirably, those returning with previous experience had clearly built on their last performance. Danny again showed why he was chosen as captain, acting as leader and morale booster all day. Ned continued to play much bigger than his stature. Charlie played especially well on O and stepped up for the D when their numbers dwindled. Stan built on his first outing, where he got an interception, and showed some of the better tackling of the day. We played as a team and showed great respect all day. We had some shining moments but highlighted many more weakness which we will focus on in the coming training sessions. I think I can speak for Coach Luke too when I say I walked away from today’s tournament very proud to say ‘I coach those boys!”

The EuroShowers Man of the Match goes to:

Defense MVP – Stan Wilson, a much improved performance of tackling fundamentals.

Offence MVP – Charlie Boorer, continued to run some fantastic routes against players older than himself, made several good catches and jumped in on D.

Overall MVP – Danny Townsend, again, leading from the front in ability and attuide.

The HoundDogs are back in action on Sunday the 27th of May as they host a tournament at Horsebridge Recreational ground.


New training day for U17’s

After consultation with players, the Committee have taken the decision to move training from its current home to a saturday morning.

Training will commence on Saturday the 28th of April at Horsebridge Recreational


ground, near Hailsham starting at 10AM till Noon.

Club Chairman, Luke Boorer added “We spoke to all the players and coaches following the success of Saturday morning when at Eastbourne Sports Park. A few of  the players also play rugby and training coincide with rugby training which meant the players were left in a predicament as to which to attend, and we didn’t feel this was very fair. Saturday morning was the most popular outcome and I am pleased to say the Committee agreed”.

The HoundDogs are still looking to recruit more players to join the existing squad, so if you are interested in joining the newest club in Sussex, get in contact with us through our email address or by using Social Media.