The South East has seen strong and sustained growth in Youth American Football over the past few years. Clubs have worked collaboratively to increase the number of young people playing and the standards of coaching and development. As a result of this work we find ourselves in a position to support further progress and look at establishing a system of progression to encourage greater pathways and opportunities.

We will continue to support individual clubs development and growth, offer 

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events, work with our NGB and other stakeholders to build the sport in our region.
Following discussions between clubs in the region, in conjunction with BAFA, it has been agreed to enter a combined team into the BAFA National League Under 19’s competition for the 2019 season. East Kent Mavericks, Kent Phoenix and Hellingly Hound Dogs players and coaching staff will work together to provide opportunities to play within the league. Had this agreement not been made then none of the clubs would have had squads sufficient to play and therefore by taking this approach we can en
sure that our players are able to test themselves and continue to develop their skills.


Through this coordinated approach we hope to create a program that supports further growth and development of the sport in the region and offer a progressive pathway for players and coaches, it will also enable Coaching development to be improved through sharing best practice and planning Coaching development and training sessions.

We look forward to the forthcoming announcements regarding alignments and schedules so we can begin to plan fully for our foray into the National League.

Legion Team Manager Ian Miles said ‘This is an amazing opportunity, we have worked hard to create a regional program that ensures individual clubs will retain their identity and development plans whilst supporting growth. We are looking to work with existing clubs and BAFA to ensure the Sport flourishes and we can continue to build programs that offer young people the best possible opportunity to develop skills. This would not have been possible without the fantastic attitude of the 3 clubs involved as well as others who while not directly part of our combined team are still keen to work together within the region to provide greater opportunities.’

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