U19’s Looking for Ball Sponsor

American Football is an expensive sport, but the

Hellingly Hound Dogs balls.png
Euroshowers sponsored U17’s balls

HoundDogs continue to try to reduce the financial impact on the Youth of East Sussex involved with the sport. Recently the club have continued with its development and created an U19’s team, thus creating a pathway for children from 7 years of age to continue to train and play American Football right the way through to the age of 19. When the club was formed back in May of 2016, the club had 8 players, and can now boast over 35 regularly playing and training for the club. The newly formed U19’s will team up with two other teams from the Southeast Region for the 2019 season to form the SE Legion. All three teams currently do not have enough players on their own to compete in the National Leagues for 2019, but as a collective they can boast a large squad. The HoundDogs are looking for a ball sponsor of around £150 to help cover some of the cost that the balls cost each season. The balls are an expansive part of the game with each ball costing nearly £80 each. The Club are looking to recoup some of the £700 it

Some of the current U17’s & U19’s team

has paid out by means of a ball sponsor. The U17’s currently have EuroShowers as their ball sponsor and in return the for their kind donation the EuroShowers logo has been lasered onto the ball. A Similar process will also be completed for anyone coming forward to sponsor the U19’s, as well as a link from the clubs website to the sponsors and multiply mentions over the course of the 2 years on social media. Anyone interested please contact us on hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com or visit our website at http://www.hellinglyhounddogs.com



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