SEYAF Tournament #3 Report

Sunday 30th April saw Maidstone the home of tournament number 4 in the 2017 SEYAF Championships. This is the 3rd of 5 Tournament planned for the 2017 and sees the HoundDogs being the new boys of the pack. However, this doesn’t stop from the players making an impact of the league.

Cadet Team round Up.

The Team opened up against the home team of Kent Phoenix, and probably the two most inexperienced teams. The game saw a lot of progress for both teams from where they were at the beginning of the season. The game was dominated by some great play on both sides of the ball with the Phoenix running out winner by just one TD. The HoundDogs TD was scored by Ben Boorer. Phoenix 12-6 HoundDogs

The second game saw the HoundDogs lose to East Kent Mavericks who ran out winner 24-6. The HoundDogs offence struggled to get going, but the team faired very well on defence, thanks to some great tackling from Charlie Pattenden and Morgan Scott-Brundle. It was Morgan who crossed the line to score the HoundDogs only TD of the game with a fantastic 30 yard run.

The Cadet teams final game was a re-match with the Phoenix. This was a thrilling game of offence and defence from both sides. The Phoenix took the lead early but the HoundDogs came back with a short run from Morgan Scott-Brundle to tie the game. The HoundDogs then managed to stop the Phoenix and ran the ball back to within yards of the end zone. QB Hayden Puttick then made two fantastic throws into the corner of the endzone, both times picking out Ben Boorer, but both passes just failed to be held on. The Phoenix then ran the ball down the other end to take the score. It was Morgan again, who then completed another 30 yard run to score again for the HoundDogs to tie the game once more at 12-12. The Phoenix then failed to make much ground with their next set of downs. This left the HoundDogs with less than a minute on the clock to score and register their first ever win. A Ben Boorer run got the team within 15 meters of the endzone, and on the last play of the game, Morgan ran the ball and crossed the line. Unfortunately, he had been tackled just short of the endzone to leave the game tied up at 12 all.

u11s tournament results

Youth Team.

The team started with a game against East Kent Mavericks. A game of great passing from both QB’s saw TD of plenty. The Mavs took the lead, but the HoundDogs came back when the Boorer brothers, Charlie from QB and Jacob at Wide Receiver, connected to level the game. Mav’s scored through their running back, how can only be described as a whippet, replied to restore their lead. The Hound Dogs regrouped and Charlie Boorer connected with Danny Townsend in the corner of the endzone to level the scores again. The Mavs whippet scored two more TD quickly as the HoundDogs tried to chase the game in search of that win. The HoundDogs did score again thanks to new recruit Thomas Kenward as he played his first ever game.

In their second and last game the HoundDogs took on Kent Phoenix, in a game of two closely matched teams. Danny Townsend opened the scoring for the HoundDogs, using his height to an advantage. However the Phoenix came back with 2 scores of their own. Then the Boorer brothers combined forces again to level the scores, and then to take the lead, only for the Phoenix to come back with a TD of their own. The game drifted away from the boys as they chased the win. The HoundDogs went down 24-18

u14s results and scores


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