SEYAF Tournament Finals and Chairman’s Thoughts

Match report:

Under 11’s

The U11’s team arrived at Canterbury, already a man down and one who had refused not

Charlie Pattenson Carrying the ball.

to play after having his knee glued at the hospital a few days before. The team had glimpses of some fantastic work but it just wasn’t their day. The team played well in the first warm up game against Kent Phoenix, but didn’t fair so well in their second warm up game against the eventual winners of the competition, Kent Exiles Stags. Then the real action started as the young HoundDogs team too on Kent Exiles Bucks in  the elimination match.  The team started badly and were soon 18-0 down. However, a mini come back was on the card as Ben Boorer ran in a TD from their own half to put the HoundDogs on the board 18-6. The Wolves then replied with another two TD’s and to finish the game with the score at 30-6.

Under 14’s

The team started well by winning both their warm up matches against Kent Exiles Wolves 18-12 and the Kent Phoenix 18-6. After having such a positive start the

Roman Cameron-Dick catches the ball in open play.

HoundDogs fancied their chances against the Kent Exiles Wolves, which they had already beaten earlier on in the day, in the elimination match. The Hound dogs went 2 TD’s down early on after starting the game with a drive to the Wolves End Zone, but came up just short. teh wolves then moved the ball down field to open the scoring. The QB Charlie Boorer was picked off as he tried to find his brother with a long pass. Again, the Wolves ran the ball back to make the score 12-0. With the HoundDogs chasing the game, Charlie Boorer connected with his brother to bring them back into the game 12-6, for the Wolves to reply 18-6. Ned Foster then got his team back into the game with a great catch and run, but all proved too little too late. However, the team showed great skills and the game could of gone the other way on a different day.

Chairman’s Report on the year to date.

Well, it’s been 24 hours since I arrived home from the first ever South East Youth American Football Championships finals. We made it to Canterbury and we competed in both age groups. We may not have made it past the elimination stage but we made it there. When I set this club up 13 months ago, the aim was to get an u14’s team out for a couple of the 6 events that were planned, but we smashed that goal. We managed to attend all five competitive tournaments as well as the trial event that was held 9 months ago, not only with an U14’s team, but we also got an U11’s team out too.

During the tournaments, the players have made some mistakes that they have taken away and learnt from. But it’s not just the players who have learnt. I have learnt a lot too. I too, have made mistakes, and the lads have shown me how I also need to self evaluate and access these mistakes, along with what I need to work on to be a better coach, parent and role model. Some of the skills the boys have shown have nothing short of a miracle. I have seen our QB make a 40 yard completed pass with a bang on the money throw. I have seen Running Backs run the length of the pitch avoiding defenders and I have seen our players make tackles that I thought they would never get to.

I am immensely proud of all the children that have participated in these tournaments and have worn the HoundDogs uniform with pride and determination. They have developed their skill beyond my wildest dreams and have shown great determination and ambition to play this all-inclusive, wonderful sport which we play.

I would like to thank the whole of South East Youth American Football staff, who have helped us develop to the point that we are today. Ian Miles has been a fountain of knowledge and help. Ted and Mary have travelled miles to help develop our club with school coaching and point blankly refused to accept a penny from us. It’s people like these three who make the work we do as volunteers as rewarding as it is. I would also like to send a massive thank you to the parents, who have been dragged to training on wet and cold Wednesday nights, as well as having to get up early on a Sunday morning to attend the tournaments. A massive thank you must also go to the coaches who have helped take these children and mould them into the players that they are today.

A final massive thank you needs to go out to the HoundDogs Committee team, who have had to put up with my constant bombarding of messages about every Football-related idea that I have had a thought about.

We will continue to train, continue to learn and continue to make improvements as we become an established club in the South East.

Luke Boorer
Hellingly HoundDogs AFC

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