Coaches go Dry in September

As part of the annual Hellingly HoundDogs fundraising efforts, all players will be encouraged to again, take part in the Alfriston Pre-school’s Fun Run on the 28th of September.

However, this year some of the players have been encouraging the coaches to join them, but with age and fitness levels on what can only be described as “going in the wrong direction” some of the coaches will instead take part in a a non-alcohol month. This event will coincide with the fun run with both events taking place in the month of September.

Coaches Alastair, Ronnie, Luke and Sean will be attempting to raise £500 to help purchase a defibrillator and donated to Hellingly Sports Club for all the sections of the club to use.

Hounddogs Chairman, Luke Boorer added “As a club, we were built on giving the next generation of kids the chance to play sport in a safe environment. In 2018 we worked hard to achieve ClubMark status and believe purchasing a defibrillator will further our commitment to all of our players. We want to offer the best care possible to all of our players and believe that you can not put a price on anyone’s life. When we were formed as a club, Hellingly Sports Club welcomed us with open arms at Horsebridge and  we believe purchasing a defib and placing it in the main clubhouse for the Rugby, Cricket and Bowls sections to use, gives us the chance to repay some of the gratuite that these clubs showed us. The defib will cost over £1000 to buy and we are really hoping to raise at least 50% of the cost with this event. We are hoping that all the sections members might be able to help sponsor our coaches in this challenge.”

If you want to help all the coaches achieve their target, please use the link below and donate through the clubs Just Giving page.

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