HoundDogs funds Defib for Clubhouse

2019 saw the HoundDogs organisation make the decision to try and raise enough funds to purchase a defibrillator for the club house at Horsebridge Rec, the home of the HoundDogs as well as Hellingly Cricket Club, Hellingly Rugby Club and several other clubs.

Back in September 2019 the Coaches of the HoundDogs set out to raise around £500 by not drinking alcohol for the entire month. This feat, if anyone knows our coaches, was a massive ask, which they achieved, . The club then planned a sponsored 5K run for the players to raise the remaining balance. This is when the dreaded Covid hit. The project has been put onto the back burner as the club navigated its way through the pandemic.

A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. This high energy shock is called defibrillation, and it’s an essential part in trying to save the life of someone who’s in cardiac arrest. A defibrillator may also be referred to as a defib, an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) or a PAD (Public Access Defibrillator).Article from the British Hear Foundation website

The recent events in the Euro’s with Christian Ericksen, brought the need for these machines back to the lime light, not just amongst the HoundDogs organisation, but everyone in sport and the public. The club sent out a plea over Social Media for help to raise the remaining money needed to purchase this equipment. Two local companies came forward and offered donations to help the club. These companies were ZFE Consulting from Heathfield and IQ Builders Merchants who are based in Hellingly.

IQ Director, Stewart Kennedy added “IQ Builders Merchant noticed an appeal to raise the final funds for a defibrillator for Hellingly HoundDogs, with recent events occurring in the football world emphasising the need for such life saving equipment, IQ Builders Merchant agreed it to be the right thing to do in covering the value to allow Hellingly Hound Dogs to make the purchase.
We sincerely hope you guys never have to use but take comfort in the fact you have the kit should a situation arise and for that it is the IQ Family is proud to have helped.”

HoundDogs Club Chairman, Luke Boorer added “Raising the funds for a defib has been a goal of the club’s for sometime. With the news that came from the Euros, this brought the need for these machines into the public eye, so we thought that this may help us. We put an article up on Social Media and ZFE and IQ came forward to help us raise the additional funds that we needed. We will now be working with Hellingly Sports Trust to get this machine installed so should the worse ever happen, the equipment is in place that could save not only the life of a player of the HoundDogs but a member of any other team using Horsebridge or even a member of the public. Several of our Coaches have been trained for using these machines thanks to Phoenix Medical over in Hastings on a recently attended course. Its community spirit like this that helps to make our area such a fantastic place to live and bring up children. I would personally like to thank Ben from ZFE and Stewart from IQ builders Merchants for helping us to reach our goals”.

HoundDogs turn 5

Today sees the HoundDogs organisation celebrate its 5th year since there were founded in 2016. The Club which now has 4 teams at different age group was founded back on the 5th of May 2016 by current Chair and Vice Chair, Luke Boorer and Aarron Jones.

Starting out with just an idea, a hand full of players and very little equipment, the club has grown, which has seen the HoundDogs go from a Flag only team to also now offering the contact version of the game to teenagers from across the region.

Chairman, Luke Boorer added “I would never have thought the club was ever going to become such a massive part of some many people lives. We are the only club In Sussex to offer all children the chance to play football from the age of 7 to 19. We have made it this far thanks to lots of people help including all the current and former committee members, the players and their parents, sponsors, coaches, Active Hailsham, Hellingly Sport Trust and many more.

The idea really came to us from a couple of players that use to play for Hastings Conquerors before they decided the kids programme wasn’t worth the effort. These handful of players continued to nag me to about when it was reforming. We waited to see what was going on with the youth team over there and after a handful of months had past and I was never contacted, Aarron and myself decided to go it alone and we haven’t looked back. A few special mentions has to go to Ian Miles from Kent Phoenix and Ted Smith who was with the Exiles then for all the help they offered in both advice and the basic forms etc we needed to get the club running. I honestly think without these two, we may not be as successful as we have been.

Last season saw our first player age out of the HoundDogs, which was a new and sad experience for us. He has gone over to Sussex Thunder to continue playing, but still comes back on a Wednesday to help train our Flag kids. That to me is worth more than any title. For us, the club is about helping kids to become adults that their community can be proud of as well as giving back to those that gave to them.”

The HoundDogs are recruiting for the 2021 season. If you are aged 7 to 18 and want to give american Football a go, contact the club today.

The Dog Bowl is BACK

The HoundDogs Committee are delighted to announce that the Invitational Flag American Football tournament will be back in 2021 after last years event being cancelled due to Coronavirus.

The event will take place at the home of the HoundDogs on Sunday the 4th of July, which of course is Independence Day in the US.

The event will see some of the best of Flag American Football across two age groups, which are the U11’s and the U14’s age categories. The day will see the licenced bar open offering drinks, thanks to Hellingly Cricket Club. There will also be a BBQ offering burgers, bacon rolls and hot dogs, along with a raffle, clothes stall and cake stalls.

Teams are now invited to express an interest in this event if they wish to take part. Please email us on hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com

The HoundDogs are also looking for local companies that may be interested in advertising in the Dog Bowl brochure or donating a raffle prize. If you think this may be something that your company or a company that you know, please contact us.


April will see all the HoundDogs teams return to training at their home ground, Horsebridge Recreational ground. After the Governments announcement, the HoundDogs committee have been awaiting further information around rules and guidance for the return to training.

Similar rules will be in place for attendees as when the club returned temperately back in September with regularly hand washing, but the club are now allowed to use more equipment that previously had to remain in the store.

Among new rules are a weekly form that will need to be returned each week for children to be able to train. Below is a link to that form for all parents to use.

Chairman Luke Boorer added “We are delighted to return to training. I have spoken to several of the older players who also can not wait to get back on the pitch. We know there is still a long way to go with regards to a league season but we are hopeful that we will see all the players playing games in 2021. I would like to thank all the parents who have been very positive about returning to training and the rules that this means we have to put in place as well as our NGB BAFA.”

HoundDogs return to training

Wednesday the 9th of September will see all the HoundDog’s team return to training at Horsebridge Rec, Near Hailsham.

The sessions will be split into Flag and Contact teams, as in previous years and see the teams training at the following times:

U11’s & U14’s Flag teams – 18:30 till 19:30

U16’s & U19’s Contact Teams – 19:00 till 20:30

Strict registration will be in place for returning players, using the clubs new registration partner, Teamo. As of next week all players will be required to mark their intention to train through the Teamo site.

New players are now more than welcome to attend training, but as in previous years, consent forms will be needed to be completed by an adult prior to any participation. For more information, please contact the club through social media or email on hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com