2021 HoundDogs Awards

Wednesday the 15th was an unusual Wednesday for the HoundDogs teams’. Instead of mud, sweat and pains, the shirts and dresses were out as the HoundDogs players attended the 2021 end of season awards. The Teams gathered, along with family members at Hailsham Town Football Club’s clubhouse with the evening being compared by chairman, Luke Boorer.

First up were the U11’s Flag team award winners followed by the U14, U16 and last of all the U19 Legion players. 2021 saw the introduction of the “Top Dog” Award, an award presented to a club person who has gone above and beyond for the help that they have offered the club off the field. This years winner is Cavan Baker-Sells for his help during the 2021 Dog Bowl event.

Chairman, Luke Boorer added “This is one of my favourite nights of the season. Its a great chance to see everyone dress up and celebrate the 2021 season. Its been a tricky year but on and off the pitch, with Covid having a massive knock on effect to the season. I would like to thank all the parents and players for their efforts. The work that the Committee has put in, has been second to none, but most importantly, I would like to thank the Coaches, who turn up week in, week out. Without them, we can not operate. I would also like to thank Dom and Hailsham Town Football Club who allow us to use their facility for the evening. Now the 2021 season is over, we are planning for the 2022 season which starts on Wednesday the 22nd of September. As you see, we do not get a lot of rest. On a side note, this season is a hard season for us. We lose three players for our club as they become to old to represent the club. Riley, Danny and Jacob were three of the founding members of the club when we set up some 5 and a half years ago. I would like to thank these three for helping the club get going all those years ago, their help with player recruitment and their commitment to helping us become who we are today. I know all three of these players can go and make a real difference at adult and universities teams around the UK.”

U11’s Award winners
U14 Award winners
U16 Award winners
U19 Award winners
Team photos including the new “Top Dog” Award for 2021
Coach Alastair Cameron-Dick, QB, Jacob Boorer, WR, Riley Davis, TE, Danny Townsend and Chairman, Luke Boorer.

HoundDogs hosting FREE Flag Football Taster Days

The British American Football session is almost be over, but the Hounddogs organisation are already looking towards the 2022 season.

Wednesday the 22nd and 29th of September will be dedicated to promoting Flag American Football at the Club. These sessions are completely free for children aged 6 to 14 years of age. Flag Football is a very inclusive sports which sees girls and boys play in the same teams in a game which represents American Football but is completely a non-contact sport.

Anyone wishing to come along need to wear clothing suitable for playing sport in, suitable footwear for a grass pitch. They will also need to bring a drink. Each participant will need a parent/guardian to complete a consent form prior to taking part. These forms will be available on the evenings

Chairman, Luke Boorer added “Flag Football is the first chance that children get to try American Football in this country. It is a very inclusive sport, so no matter if you are fast or slow, small or tall, athletic or not, Flag football has a spot on the team for you. I also love Flag football as you get to see boys and girls playing side by side. We have several dedicated Flag coaches who are all DBS checked and have gained their coaching certificates, so your children will be in safe hands. Parents are encouraged to stay if they wish. As a club, we run a fantastic event each year called the Dog Bowl. This is a tournament of Flag Football across two age groups where teams from all over the South come and compete for the trophies. If any parent has questions about coming along, our club, please contact me on my email hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com

U16 finish season at Wembley

On Saturday 4th of September, Hellingly Phoenix played, a joint team of Hellingly HoundDogs and Kent Phoenix, played in the final tournament of the 2021BAFA South Division. The games were hosted at the home ground of Wembley Stallions. Hellingly Phoenix would play three games however the game against London Blitz was classed as a scrimmage game, a non competitive game due to low players numbers on the Blitz behalf.

Rowan Crouch fights to get away for an Exile player. Photos courtesy of Martin Apps

Hellingly Phoenix’s defence started off well, making some big plays and containing the Kent Exiles offence from driving the ball down the field. However the offence could not get rolling in the first game and struggled to advance against the Kent Exiles defence. However Hellingly Phoenix’s defence displayed the strongest performance against the Kent Exiles holding them to three scores for the entire game. An interception from Ryan Hedges and another from Calvin Clark helped limit the high powered Kent Exiles offence. Strong pressure from Lucas Apps at nose tackle helped keep pressure on the Kent Exiles QB and strong performance from Fin Wilson, Sam Espie and Andre Silva, who was playing in his first ever contact game, helped limit the pass game.

Exiles 19 – 0 HoundDogs

The Kent Phoenix team next kicked off against the hosts, Wembley stallions. The offence had a better performance during the game and scored the first touchdown of the game midway through the first half. This was chalked off the board by the referees because the Hounddogs player celebrated as he entered the endzone. The rest of the game the Hellingly Phoenix offence came close but was simply just not good enough when the times mattered most. The defence put in another strong performance against the Wembley Stallions with, Charlie Brooker and Lucas Apps providing pressure to the Stallions QB. There was also impressive performances from Sam Espie, Fin Wilson, Ryan Hedges and Calvin Clark which helped hold the Wembley Stallions offence to only 12 points

Wembley Stallions 12 – 0 Hounddogs

For the final game of the season the Hellingly Phoenix would play a scrimmage against London Blitz which gave the younger side of the Hellingly Phoenix team a chance to show their talent. There was several good performances from Sol Irving and Joe Malloy on Offence.

Coach Luke Boorer added “It was been a massive learning curve for all our U16 players. Unlike most teams, we don’t get to train week in, week out with each other. We can see the progression from the first tournament to the last tournament. All the players have come on leaps and bounds. When you look back you can tell we were missing several key players in areas that really strengthen our game for the last tournament. But you go to these games with the players available and its great to see them step up and grab the opportunity with both hands.”

Article written by Ollie Stratford


AGM 2021 Announced

The Hellingly HoundDogs would like inform all members that the 2021 annual General Meeting will take place in the Club House at Horsebridge Rec on Monday the 6th of September, starting at 7PM. This is for all player’s parents/guardians are invited. This event is the backbone of the club and leads to the decisions that are made throughout the year.

As usual, all positions are available for electing including (name in brackets is the current holder of the role):

Chairman (Luke Boorer)
Vice Chair (Aarron Jones)
Secretary (Claire Boorer)
Treasurer (Michael Williams)
Welfare Officer (Heidi Baker-Sells)
Commercial Manager (Luke Boorer)
Committee Member (Peter Drake, Dom Corbett, Rachel Jones)

Anyone wishing to join the Committee needs to send their “intension to stand” email to the Secretary before Midnight on Friday the 2nd of September. The email must also include why you want to stand and a brief description of why you would be good at the role that you are applying for. Please send to hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com

These will all be set out via the Secretary along with an Agenda, Chairman’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and profit and loss sheets to all members via Teamo.

Below is a job description of all positions and what each role entails.

Hellingly Phoenix Host U16 tournament

Article by Ollie Stratford

On the 21st august Hellingly Phoenix hosted the third tournament of the season where they competed against the Kent Exiles and the Wembley Stallions, unfortunately London Blitz had to pull out of the tournament because of a lack of players.

Hellingly Phoenix would sit out the first game as the Kent Exiles faced the Wembley Stallions where the score ended 35-14.

Hellingly phoenix then kicked off against the Wembley Stallions where they were looking to get the win after narrowly missing out on a win last tournament. Thanks to a strong performance from defence, Hellingly Phoenix was able to hold the Stallions to only 6 points in the entire game thanks to Lucas and Kyle Banda, who both put in strong performances at nose tackle, which kept pressure on the QB. The Hellingly Phoenix defence also held a strong lock over the run game because of strong leadership and key tackles by Sam Espie, Calvin Clark, Fin WIlson and Ryan Hedges who clamped down on the receivers. Ryan Hedges also was able to recover a forced fumble during the game. Hellingly Phoenix’s offence had one of the best games of their tournaments with a strong performance all round, Kyle Banda bullied his way into the endzone, not giving the wembley Stallions a chance to bring him down. Another amazing effort on offence by Dante furthered the score for the Hellingly Phoenix team. The game ended 16-6 to Hellingly Phoenix.

Next the Hellingly Phoenix team would play a tough Kent Exiles team who had yet to be beaten or even run close this year. Kyle Banda and Lucas kept the pressure on the Kent Exiles QB forcing them to use the run game to move up the field. A few key tackles from the Hellingly phoenix stopped the Kent Exiles from putting more scores on the board. All points for the Hellingly Phoenix team were scored by Rowan Crouch who caught a touchdown pass from Ollie Stratford and then added a two point conversion. The score ended 54-8 to the Kent Exiles.

The Hellingly Phoenix organisation is wishing all players a speedy recovery and looking forward to the next tournament which is on the 4th of September as Wembley stallions host the last games of the season.