Hounddogs return to training

We are pleased to announce that the Hounddogs Teams will be returning to training from Wednesday the 17th of June at Horsebridge Rec.

These sessions will involve registered players only and we will not be accepting new players just yet.

We have a strict plans in place to protect our players from the spread of Covid-19.

Every players parent should have received an email from the Chairman explaining the rules around training and the procedures that the club has in place including social distancing and hand sanitising. If you haven’t received this, please let the club know through private message or email on hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com. 

Chairman Luke Boorer added “It will be great to get back onto the pitch. Although it is going to seem very strange to start with as we have to reduce numbers and conform with social distancing rules etc. However, it will be great to get back out there in the summer sun and start to build up fitness levels as prey that we may be able to get a few friendlies in, but we are taking one step at a time. Currently we are not accepting new players as we have limited coaching levels but we are hopefully that as the government eases the lockdown, we can start to see more players returning as well as slots of new faces. I know some clubs have come in for a bit of a bashing from some within the sport for starting training but I feel we have measures in place, a fantastic Committee supporting the coaches. We are lucky that we have a facility that we can use and know that our kids and parents will assist us with any rule we put in place.”

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