HoundDogs turn 5

Today sees the HoundDogs organisation celebrate its 5th year since there were founded in 2016. The Club which now has 4 teams at different age group was founded back on the 5th of May 2016 by current Chair and Vice Chair, Luke Boorer and Aarron Jones.

Starting out with just an idea, a hand full of players and very little equipment, the club has grown, which has seen the HoundDogs go from a Flag only team to also now offering the contact version of the game to teenagers from across the region.

Chairman, Luke Boorer added “I would never have thought the club was ever going to become such a massive part of some many people lives. We are the only club In Sussex to offer all children the chance to play football from the age of 7 to 19. We have made it this far thanks to lots of people help including all the current and former committee members, the players and their parents, sponsors, coaches, Active Hailsham, Hellingly Sport Trust and many more.

The idea really came to us from a couple of players that use to play for Hastings Conquerors before they decided the kids programme wasn’t worth the effort. These handful of players continued to nag me to about when it was reforming. We waited to see what was going on with the youth team over there and after a handful of months had past and I was never contacted, Aarron and myself decided to go it alone and we haven’t looked back. A few special mentions has to go to Ian Miles from Kent Phoenix and Ted Smith who was with the Exiles then for all the help they offered in both advice and the basic forms etc we needed to get the club running. I honestly think without these two, we may not be as successful as we have been.

Last season saw our first player age out of the HoundDogs, which was a new and sad experience for us. He has gone over to Sussex Thunder to continue playing, but still comes back on a Wednesday to help train our Flag kids. That to me is worth more than any title. For us, the club is about helping kids to become adults that their community can be proud of as well as giving back to those that gave to them.”

The HoundDogs are recruiting for the 2021 season. If you are aged 7 to 18 and want to give american Football a go, contact the club today.

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