HoundDogs bags Wealden Grant

Hellingly HoundDogs are pleased to announce their were successful in a recent application to Wealden District Council for their Community Grant.wealden council

Late in 2018 the HoundDogs Chairman, Luke Boorer, completed an application form from the council for some money to help purchase some new tackling equipment. The club originally asked for £1000, to purchase some tackle bags and tackle rings to help the players develop their skills at tackling during games. The council wrote back in April to inform the club that their bid had been successful. Unfortunately the Community was very over subscribed, and the council had tried to spread the money around, and that the HoundDogs had received the amount of £500.
tackle bags

Chairman. Luke Boorer added “As a club we were established to make American Football as accessible to all. We understand that it is an expensive sport that costs a lot of money in equipment as well as a lot of traveling. We rely on sourcing grants from business along with sponsorship to help the club to buy the best equipment as possible to enable our players to achieve their potential. The Committee and players would like to go on record in thanking Wealden Council for their donation to the club.

Anyone looking to try American Football, whether its Flag or Contact Football are welcomed to come along to a session and try the sport. American Football is a great sport no matter or size, skill level or fitness levels. Contact hellinglyhounddogs@hotmail.com for more details.

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