HoundDogs Player Bags GB Spot

Riley Davis competing for a ball against Wembley Stallion whilst representing the South East Legion

Hellingly HoundDogs are extremely proud to announce that long serving member, Riley Davis has made it into the GB squad in the Wide Receiver position.

After attending the trials a few weeks back, Riley was informed that he had made the shortlist and will go on to represent our nation.

Riley Davis spoke about his adventure “ The GB trials were an unreal experience that I’ll never forget. I was full of nerves but also excited to show them what I’m made of. My friend Danny Townsend who is also a member of the HoundDogs gave me a ride up to the trials thanks to his dad. We left around 6.30 to arrive there around 10 o’clock. The trials consisted of speed, agility route running, team work as well as explosive power off the line. It was a day where I feel like I learnt so much in such a short space of time which is why I’m so excited to start training with them. For me personally I loved the way the trials were laid out with American football based tests rather then just athlete based tests, because in my opinion you can be the best athlete on the field but not understand the sport or have the right mindset. I feel like this really showed with their selection process and how they got it right. After around 2-3 hours of giving it my all to the point of feeling sick me and my friend, Danny were happy that we’d gave it all we could.

Two weeks later, I received an email telling me I have been selected to be on the performance squad of Great Britain. I’ve never been so excited and overwhelmed in my life! So much so that I choked on my shreddies when reading it! Out of nearly 400 people I felt blessed to say I’ve been chosen. There’s no better feeling than making your parents feel like you’ve done them proud, no matter how big or small the achievement is.Training starts on Saturday 30th in Telford and I can’t be more ready to start working harder and harder for my country.

I’d obviously like to thank all the coaches and staff of the Hellingly Hound Dogs and South East Legion for supporting, teaching and developing me as a player. I’d also like to especially thank Luke for getting me into the sport almost 5 years ago and allowing me to have a local team that I love and respect.”

Hellingly HoundDogs Chairman, Luke Boorer added “I personally am ecstatic for Riley. He has been with the HoundDogs since day one and was with me for two years prior at another club. Unfortunately that didn’t work out for us as an extremely short sighted decision to cancel the youth program there due to internal politics. I think this shows just what investing in youth can result in and I am sure one or two people are now regretting that decision. We have a lot of great players starting to come through and we will see us send a strong contingent of players to the Legion this coming season. As for Riley, he has always been a dedicated player who has tried his hardest and that is really starting to pay off for him. I hope he continues to apply the same dedication as he travels through his life. This will stand him in great stead. I believe that the decision to include Riley will see more of our players step forward and go to the next trials. I am also very thankful to Riley for thanking all the coaches that have helped him. We have some great, dedicated coaches at the HoundDogs, as well as the Legion and they all deserve a massive pat on the back. I would also like to congratulate the rest of the Legion players that have made the GB squad”

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