Legion lose another in loss

Sunday 23rd of June saw the HoundDogs U19 players again team up to form the SE Legion.

With a depleted quad of just 18 players including 64864162_2815223511828131_1696836210216927232_o just 3 players from the HoundDogs organisation, the day was always going to be a tough ask as they travel around the M25 to play against London Warriors.

The game was delayed due to medic cover not being in place. As soon as the medic turned up, the refs got the game underway. The Legion struggled on both sides of the ball, as unforced mistakes added up. A botched punt return was the start of it, followed by failed blocks, fumbles etc which kept the Legion on the back foot. With the game approaching half time, and the score 48-0, the Legion lost another player whilst resulted in an ambulance being called.

After a 2 hour delay whilst the Ambulance crew treated the downed Legion player, the ref took the decision to call the game ended at the end of the half. The good news is that the Legion player was released from hospital and returned home.

There are no MVP awards awarded due to lack of player numbers however mentions for Danny Townsend snapping, playing his first game as a starter at Centre, along with a couple of good returns from Riley Davis on punt return.

The SE Legion now have 2 weeks off before they entertain Cobham Cougars at Horsebridge on Sunday the 7th of July, which will the the Legion’s last game of the 2019 season.

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