AGM details

The Committee of Hellingly HoundDogs are agm 2019 pleased announced that the 2019 AGM date has been set for Tuesday the 23rd of July at the Clubhouse at Horsebridge Rec, near Hailsham starting at 7:30PM.

Below is a list of the roles available to be voted in on the night. Candidates that wish to stand must notify the Secretary via email, before 10PM on Tuesday the 16th of July of their intention to stand and a brief summary of why they fill they are right for the job, this will also include any current Committee member wishing to re-apply. This information will be emailed out to all parents along with the Agenda, Chairman’s report, Treasurer’s report and the 2018 minutes.

Chairman job Description
vice chairman description.
secretary job description.
treasurer role description.
Commercial manager description.
welfare officer description.
generic committee member description.

Please email all applications to the Secretary via

Please vote that only over 18s and club members are eligible to vote. As a Youth Club, one parent is eligible to vote per family.

If anyone has any questions, please email the club secretary.

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